The mPathy Project aims to address the pressing challenges in the most vulnerable sectors of our world’s population by creating and implementing web and mobile technology tools. Inspiring empathy, the vision of The mPathy Project, is best exercised close-up and not at a distance, in order to make the best connections among hosts and participants. The mPathy Project realizes effective outcomes that facilitate focused change. Current Challenge


The mPathy Project is seeking its next challenge host. If you are a Nonprofit/NGO who wants to implement web and mobile technology solutions to drive your cause and make a bigger difference in the lives of your constituencies then become an mPathy Challenge Host. Learn More

You are a group engaged with solving problems facing vulnerable sectors. You envision mobile/web technology as a source of innovative ways to advance your programs and engagements.

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You have skills, energy, creativity, and empathy! You want to have a direct impact on improving lives and close the gap between yours and theirs using technology as a bridge.

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You want to align your organization with goals of The mPathy Project. You want to support the crucial, positive impact of front-line organizations. Join a cadre of Sponsors and Patrons.

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