A Call To Action (and Empathy)

The mPathy Project is looking for its next challenge host. If you are a Nonprofit/NGO who wants to implement web and mobile technology solutions to drive your cause and make a bigger difference in the lives of your constituencies then become an mPathy Challenge Host.

ECPAT Challenge Workshop

About The mPathy Project

The mPathy Project aims to bridge the gap between tech-savvy designers/developers looking for opportunities to grow their experience; and nonprofits/NGOs interested in possible tech solutions to aid their cause-related efforts.

Our goal is to address the pressing challenges to the most vulnerable sectors of our populations by creating and implementing web and mobile technology. The mPathy Project does not advocate for the issues or themes being addressed but seeks to be an effective facilitator of good in support of Challenge Hosts.

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About Challenge Hosts

Challenge Hosts are NPO/NGOs who are actively engaged with problems of significance to vulnerable sectors. They are experts in their fields and have gained a reputation for their work servicing the social, economic, health, and environmental issues facing at-risk populations. Challenge Hosts will provide the target problems that require designed web/mobile software responses. They will then have the option to deploy the products developed to address the problems they have helped define. NO FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION IS REQUIRED.

Past Challenge

The winners of The mPathy Project’s first app challenge were announced at a Challenge Showcase on Monday, November 30, 2015 held at Google-NYC. First place winner, Joy Chiang Ling, will have her prototype sponsored for full development and deployment by end-users in the target sectors. Second and third place winners were Asmaa Abbas and Kristian Walsh, respectively.

ECPAT Challenge Winners

About the ECPAT Challenge

The Challenge, hosted by ECPAT-USA, prompted participants to design a prototype for a web/mobile app. The proposed app would be used by the hospitality/tourism/transportation industries to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). ECPAT-USA is a leading anti-trafficking policy organization in the United States working to protect every child’s basic human right to grow up free from the threat of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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ECPAT App Screenshots

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