About The mPathy Project


The mPathy Project harnesses the talent and energy of creative designers and developers to tackle high-priority problems that are already identified by NPO and NGO organizations.

The mPathy Project is a WebServes initiative whose goal is to address the pressing challenges to the most vulnerable sectors of our populations. For over a decade, WebServes, a 501(c)(3) corporation, has helped hundreds of businesses serve various under-served populations globally by offering comprehensive tech solutions.

Over the years there has been an exponential growth of web and mobile applications reaching the marketplace. The potential for these applications to enhance our lives is apparent even to the most non-tech amongst us. What is equally apparent is the reality that much of the potential for these apps is not focused in the areas of most critical need across global communities. The most serious problems we face as humans are not priorities amongst the largest proportion of the designers and developers of these software apps.

Executive Director, James Bradley, conceived the mPathy Project in recognition of the potential of motivated, creative individuals who can see the intrinsic value (and gratification) of creating technology solutions with real benefits to real people who might not ordinarily be the beneficiaries of their efforts.